Mother Mary urges all people to open their hearts and minds to God. The lessons we can learn from Mary include being prepared to be used by God, having faith in God, and living our lives as servants of the Lord. Many amazingly simple things can help you to encourage young children to pray the rosary and to serve others. 

Rosary Day

Your school may choose a special day to honor Mary and the Rosary. Some schools will begin the school year with each child learning about the rosary and then on October 7th (feast of Our Lady of the Rosary), the entire school makes one rosary per child. This day is coordinated ahead of time and volunteers will be needed to assist in the classrooms. It works well if older children partner with younger children on this special day. The day ends with a prayer service where all the rosaries are blessed.

Rosary Center

Rosary centers are an extremely popular place in elementary classrooms. This center allows children a time to reflect on the importance of the rosary and provides them an easy way to give to others. You can set up a simple rosary center in your classroom by creating a space with hands-on materials that allows children to make small, one-decade rosaries. By making rosaries, children learn the parts of the rosary and the pattern of the rosary. Additionally, their discussions while making the rosaries are priceless. Often, I will hear things such as “I’m going to make this rosary for my dad, it’s his birthday.” Or “my grandma is visiting; can I make her a rosary?” Make sure you have a special basket for children to make rosaries to be shared with the less fortunate. The lessons of this center are limitless. You will be inspired. Materials to make rosaries can be found at 


Rosary Club

Starting a Rosary Club at school is an easy way to bring children together to learn about the rosary and to serve others. You can meet weekly or monthly. Rosary supplies available at 

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Our Special Ministry

My father, Deacon Frank, often cared for those who experienced homelessness. He also loved to make Coney Island hot dogs (the best around). Once a month, Mary & Friends, LLC provides over a 100 sacked hot dog lunches to the Open Door Mission in Omaha, Nebraska. The proceeds from Mary & The Rosary will also be used to contribute to other needs of those experiencing homelessness.